NDC Promo Video

Project Name:
NDC Promotional Video

National Development Council (NDC)
Cincinnati, OH

Agency: Olson Design Group

My Role: Lead Designer


We were tasked with creating a promotional video for NDC. It would be used as a marketing tool to promote and sell their e-learning opportunities to prospective sponsor organizations. The video would need to communicate how NDC’s online offerings will reduce client expenses and staff time investment.

As envisioned, this high-impact, immersive video introduces the viewer to “A New Way to Learn”. This campaign slogan describes NDC ONE, an improved collection of learning experiences including animations, game-like interactions, practical exercises and compelling real life scenarios, that when stitched together, they make an ideal learning environment.

I created the concept and took ownership of the project by creating the initial outline, working with a writer and project manager to create compelling copy, selecting imagery/graphics to use, and creating the video storyboard. After gaining client approval I assembled everything together in Adobe After Effects. I recommended the voice-over talent, worked with her to achieve the desired tone and pacing for the video, and I also chose the music backing track. Leading all things relating to the art direction and production of this promotional video was something I really enjoyed.