Rebranding and Sinage for Fridley Liquor

The city of Fridley owns and operates two municipal liquor stores. They have a core of loyal customers, but wanted to expand appeal to other Fridley and non-Fridley residents. Fridley Liquor was very much in need of brand refresh which we began with a logo redesign, followed by in-store signage development for their new store.

Agency: Hot Dish Advertising

My Role: Art Director

To increase brand awareness in order to increase sales

Primary Message
Fridley Liquor blends knowledge, product, and people to create a great shopping experience


Design Challenge
The new Fridley Liquor store provided a great location that is easy to access and a lot of space to work with. Space, however, was also a problem. The new building has a very tall ceiling and made the store seem very empty. Our goal was to utilize the considerable ceiling height to provide some eye catching and useful signage and imagery.



Thank You Donut and Banner

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