UX/UI Design for Abrams Tank System Maintainer Course

Project Name:
M1 A1 SepV2 Abrams Tank System Maintainer Course

Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM)
Fort Lee, Georgia

Agency: Olson Design Group

My Role: Lead Designer

ODG was contracted to build this course under Combined Arms Products for Distributed Learning (CAPDL), a five year contract vehicle for U.S. Army training.

Develop 96.5 hours of distributed learning (DL) training to reflect maintenance and troubleshooting on the M1A2 SEP v2 Abrams Main Battle Tank. CASCOM required the course to be built in Flash/ActionScript 3 and the courseware needed to be fully functional on the Army Learning Management System (ALMS). This presented many design limitations that we needed to work around while building the course.